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Freezing kitchen compost October 7, 2008

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When I first started saving up kitchen compost, the container I was using was too small. The next container I tried attracted flies. I found this lovely container called the Max Air Composting Bucket which you line with biodegradable bags. I was assured that flies would not be an issue. They could not have been more wrong; we had fruit flies in every room of our house within a few weeks. I gave up composting completely while we worked on that issue!

Then I started keeping the compost bucket in the freezer and problem solved!


2 Responses to “Freezing kitchen compost”

  1. amberstarfire Says:

    How long do you keep it in the freezer? Do you have a compost pile in the yard, or do you use a bin of some kind? just curious.

  2. Thinking Woman Says:

    I keep it in the freezer until it’s overflowing. 😦 Then I try to get my daughter to put it in the bin. I acquired one of those bins that is open at the bottom, has vents, and the top lifts off. I’ve been filling it for about 6 months and it’s funny how it gets near the top at times and then a few days or weeks later, it’s no more than half full. I am going to have to take some action; the stuff at the bottom should surely be lovely compost by now but in fact, it’s sludge. My mistake was using ONLY kitchen scraps; I should have been adding lots of other stuff like yard waste and paper and dryer lint! So I might get bold soon and lift the top off and give it a stir. Ew!

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