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Confessions of an Overwhelmed Gardener January 5, 2009

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I’ve got three raised bed gardens. But they’ve actually been causing me a lot of stress and guilt even before most of the veggies are ready to harvest. I think I am finally figuring out why this is.

I got the whole shebang as part of a package deal and they didn’t pay all that close attention to my preferences. I was very clear that I don’t use certain things which include kale and cauliflower. I just don’t like those. Most of what’s in there is great; there are quite a few broccoli plants and a reasonable number of lettuce of a few varieties. I know we’ll have no trouble using those up. But some of the scary greens are making me feel like a failure before I’ve even begun!

I am not sure what I’m going to do. Make the effort to force myself to choke down things I don’t like? Perhaps juice them? Maybe that will be a good solution that avoids guilt.

Last week, I bought a load of locally grown vegetables that I normally would not use. They were very inexpensive. Well, not so much so if I don’t use them. I tried making a soup with most of them and dumped the pot. I could  not even bring my girls to try it. That’s a shame as it was quite a soup. The stock was from a chicken and prepared according to the Nourishing Traditions recipe so supposedly quite healthful and full of minerals. All those additional veggies probably made a very healthy concoction but it went to waste. I do so hate to waste food and especially food I know is so healthful.

I hope to learn more and meet my ridiculously high standards for how we eat.


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