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Cool! I’m a victim!!!! June 26, 2009

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You know, I’ve been whining and complaining for the last year. No. Wait. It’s been longer than that. It’s been, if I face it, ten years now.

Yeah, okay, I had a shitty childhood. And my parents’ childhoods were worse.

Yep, I’ve had some shit stuff happen to me.

And I’m a victim.

I have been going over and over the incidents and the reemergence of this old pattern and it finally adds up.

Oh. I had help. A friend guided me through some stuff and left me with some thoughts. And after a few days, this is where it led.

Knowing this helps! I look back to the days where I processed my childhood and chose to make myself into who I wanted to be, rather than who I had been. And I did! And where did that amazing woman go?

So it’s back to the drawing board for me.

Here is what I’ll be using. I found this article on overcoming being a victim with great links to four more helpful articles.


Natural Conrol for Fleas, Again June 10, 2009

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Last year, I wrote up all the information I had learned about natural control of fleas. I thought I knew a thing or two. Some of what we did worked a bit, some didn’t do anything at all

Unfortunately, this spring, the fleas came back with a vengeance. They laughed at everything we tried, and I tried much harder than last year. I spent hours working diatamaceous earth into the carpets with a broom. Do not do this; it jammed up my vacuum cleaner, which I’ll be picking up from the repair shop Thursday, and caused us all to walk around with dusty feet, but it didn’t do a darned thing for the fleas. I did that right before we went away for a week and really expected to come home to a flea free zone. Wrong! They were worse than I’ve ever seen them. It is difficult to believe we have indoor cats!

Okay, so what worked? I just started, out of desperation, spraying the (freshly vacuumed and teeming with fleas) carpets with a spray that has something from orange peels. It is called Orange Guard Water Based Indoor/Outdoor Home Pest Control and I just ordered the gallon size to refill out container. I spray the couches too and this stuff really does the trick!

We still have lights with low soapy water and those do help. Many fleas volunteer themselves.

The cats still have fleas. We bought these cloth flea collars that you put a drop of an oil mix on daily. I am sure cats hate them and not at all sure they are helping. Poor cats. We were combing daily and that helps. We even resorted to bathing them, which affords them about 20 minutes of relief before the fleas all jump back aboard.

I am having trouble seeing the purpose of fleas in the greater scheme of things.