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Finally! Fat is melting quickly May 19, 2010

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A quick update on my fitness efforts. After nearly 2 years, I’d gone from around 175 to 164 and body fat was down from around 31% to around 26%. These results are nothing to write home about. I was working out HARD, at least 5 times a week, doing a combination of HIIT and weights. I firmly believe my workouts were solid. And my diet was constantly improving. But what I didn’t want to look at was calories.

In desperation, I started counting calories maybe a month ago and the results have been profound. The first week, weight went down about 1 pound. The 2nd week, 3 more pounds. The mirror also started to finally tell a happy story. I started a transformation contest about 2 weeks ago and took “before” pictures and this is the first time I’ve been comfortable in a bikini in about 10 years! Awesome!

So, to sum it up, I was eating too much and until I get a solid handle on how much I should be eating, I’ll be counting calories. I am on a restricted calorie count right now and will continue with that until my body fat is around 20%, then I’ll see what number of calories I need to eat to maintain that level, or decide from there if I would like to go lower still. I’d like, for the first time in my life, to have a six pack. That’s been the goal all along but I really didn’t believe it could come true until now. All the experts say I already have one, it’s just hiding under fat. Now I believe them. I’ve got a 2 pack. Body fat was around 25% as of 2 weeks ago. I’ll test again in a few weeks.

Everything is coming together for me finally! I am psyched!!!!


One Response to “Finally! Fat is melting quickly”

  1. Thinking Woman Says:

    Wow, I didn’t rememer this post. It’s a few years later and I’ve gotten down to about 15%-18% body fat and maintaining. Life is nicer as a lean person and clothing is fun. It’s so worth it.

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