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Books I’m Reading/Have Read January 6, 2009

Currently Reading:

Conversations with God Spiritual. All the answers are in this book! I didn’t know all the questions. Good things have started happening since I started reading this!

Square Foot Gardening I’ve got a square foot garden all planted up! Now to learn how to maintain it! I love the ideas in this book. I have always wondered why plant a whole packet of seeds only to thin them down; I’ve always “cheated” on that and saved most of the seeds. I love it when people can “think outside of the box”. Ha ha. Mel puts himself into a box by thinking out of the box!

Hands of Light/Light Emerging I hope these books hold some answers for me. I don’t intend to become a healer to others, just myself and my family.

Nourishing Traditions Learning to eat in the ways of many traditional cultures. How to prepare our own foods naturally and get the nutrients/minerals. The beginning was a bit dry for me but there are loads of great tips and other cool shorties interspersed with the recipes. I’m learning tons!


Unconditional Parenting By far my most favorite parenting book.

The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Child

More later!


Law of Attraction – My Goals – A Work in Progress December 20, 2008

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Change log:
December 21, 2008. Quantified some goals. Will move goals to present tense but not yet! Am not yet at “believe” because have more work to do on “feel” and images (see next point) will help with that.
December 20, 2008. Broke goals out into own post. Added a visual image next to a monetary goal. Intend to add more images throughout.

Goals (a work in progress):

  • to be very fit and healthy. For me, I would like to reach a new standard. Things I have achieved in the past include low body fat and great muscle definition. I would like to have under 20% body fat. In addition, I’d like strong flat abs for the first time ever! Solid core strength all around is the goal. This will lead to my whole body working better together as designed. My alignment will be perfect. <scan and insert image here of old photo>. If any illness caught, will resolve itself within 2-3 days.
  • my immediate family to be very fit and healthy. My husband has decided to start the Body for Life Challenge in January! How wonderful he’s decided on his own. Ahem. My girls need to be proficient at more skills: cartwheels, “walking bars” using hands while hanging – not sure what that’s called, more gymnastics skills such as flipping over a bar, running faster, better coordination and confidence in physical skills, ability to bike up any hill in town without stopping. If any illness caught, will resolve itself within 2-3 days.
  • all of us to be happier. Laugh 20 times a day. Smile 100 times a day. (Okay, I’m clueless what’s realistic or an appropriate goal here!) A feeling of lightness. The ability to savor the moment and doing so a few times a day.
  • all of us to spend at least 50% of our time out of doors. Great passtimes are reading, gardening & yard work, playing on play set, using pool (in season), walking, biking, playing at the park, visiting friends.
  • to have at least 50% of what we eat come from my garden.
  • my business revenue to consistently increase.
  • my paperwork issues to resolve within 2 months.
  • to remain caught up on paperwork.
  • to work around 2-4 hours per week.
  • to continue to have trusted, reliable employees who do the bulk of the work.
  • to continue to have employees who love working for me and feel blessed by the opportunity to work flexible hours from home.
  • a best friend for my older daughter who is worthy of her. A friend who is nice, relaxing, gentle, available, and close. Someone with similar values like kindness, openness, honest, peace, understanding.
  • to keep and improve the friendship with my new friend. To trust that she is true. To make the effort to reciprocate.
  • another close and trusted friend to appear in my life within a few months.
  • to take an extended (2-3 weeks minium) family vacation to Europe within 2 years. Or the UK. Or both.
  • inner calmness and patience.
  • to bring my sanctuary to reality; to find it, own it, and visit it for real at least once or twice a year.
  • confidence that I am doing an amazing job in all aspects of my life.
  • increased net worth (need to quantify!!!!)money-flowing

Kombucha megadose December 19, 2008

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My last batch of Kombucha came out much stronger than I’d been making it and I thought it was too strong to drink. And the one after that didn’t even work; there was no baby culture on the top. I got super discouraged as it’s so difficult to get a new culture so I stopped thinking about it.

And what happened? Everyone here got sick. The news is it’s the first time I was the last one to get sick! It took an extra 2 weeks before it finally brought me down! I bet it’s because I stopped drinking kombucha.

I  had a taste today and discovered I can chug down a small glass of the kombucha! It’s a bit vinegary but not all that horrible after all! I have been having a small glass since waking and I’m getting used to it!

I bet my sickness and  my attitude improve by tomorrow! I’m feeling some hope now! And I’ve got some music that’s very special to me playing in the background. That should help with the attitude issues I’ve been having; I haven’t even been able to start better using the Law of Attraction because I need to be feeling good before asking so there isn’t any point asking!


Bad Law of Attraction usage December 17, 2008

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I wish I could say something to my dear friend. But I can’t. She was pregnant but very fear based. She sent email with the subject indicating a fear that she’d lost her pregnancy. She had tested and it came up negative but that had also happened with one of her other children. It was freaking her out so she insisted upon getting an ultrasound to verify that the pregnancy even though she still had all the symptoms. Her logic was that she needed to know, to move on.

I get that, but why did she do a pregnancy test in the first place if she thought she was pregnant? And why put the subject of the email so negatively?

With my second pregnancy, I didn’t test at all. I was so excited the first time around to have that rite of passage but I already knew I was pregnant as I’d missed my period by the time I tested. I can’t see the point of routinely testing for pregnancy. It is just a costly waste of resources for a society that can’t wait just a little bit to find out for sure. Is it that difficult to wait? It felt really wonderful to me to not test.

I know others don’t agree, but I feel certain that if this mom had had more faith and had trusted and believed, she would still be pregnant.


Religion and Spirituality December 10, 2008

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Warning: This post is meant to be read by people who have an open mind. It is not my intention to offend or incite, only enlighten. If you wish to comment, please read the whole post, especially the note at the end.

Religion is a very touchy topic. I usually steer completely clear of this whole area so as not to offend anyone. But the other day, while listening to a radio program, I was brought to a place where I realized that I was being forced to ignore the fact that I am deeply offended by most organized religions.

Backing up a little, I consider myself deeply spiritual. When I came to accept that having an unassisted birth was the best decision for my family, I gave deep thought to the what-if scenarios. I did not allow my thinking to go to anything horrible, because I am strongly convinced of the validity of the Law of Attraction, but I did deeply consider the fact that there are risks and addressed how I felt about that. I was very clear that what I was choosing was the safest option for me and my baby. That knowing is a spiritual thing. I knew, without knowing quite how, that all would be perfect.

For many years of my life, I experienced rapid personal growth and overcame a seriously miserable childhood. How did I do this? I found internal wisdom. You could even say that I heard voices. It wasn’t really distinct voices, but I was able to ask questions, sit with them, and feel an answer and a clarity come to me. I haven’t done this recently and I am feeling distinctly not as wise as I used to, so there’s something I need to get back to.

I believe that all religions are trying to get to the same place. If I want to get to the other side of the world, I can go in any direction and still get there. If I want to get clear across a continent, I can take one of many paths and learn many things along the way. A non-direct route might be the most beautiful and peaceful. Because of that thinking, I’ve generally not felt judgmental of people who consider themselves to be religous.

So why so offended all of the sudden?

The radio program was about an evangelical preacher who had been affiliated with Oral Roberts University. He’d been hugely successful and everything was going his way. And then, one day, he realized something was wrong with what he was preaching. He realized that a lot of it was just plain wrong. (His God spoke to him and made him realize he was not representing God as he really was.) His church fixated on Hell and eternal damnation and gnashing of teeth. It was very fear-based. Now, as someone who loves the Law of Attraction, I am definitely not a fan of fear-based proselytizing. But he went further. He dug very deep and looked at the documents on which the King James Bible had been based and realized that they’d gotten much of the message wrong!

I am not and have never been a Christian. So it’s always been really clear to me that it’s a little strange to worship a person; as far as I can figure it, Jesus was this really wise dude who really knew what he was talking about and was there to preach great things. And yet, somehow, some very strange things got put out about what his purpose really was. Something about he died for your sins. What, so the deal is if you accept Jesus as your savior and also as part of the package deal, agree to condemn everyone who doesn’t to this fire and brimstone and eternal damnation, then your sins are all absolved and the rest of us poor slobs are just not gonna make it? Now I know I’ve just offended a whole lot of Christians, but bear with me because I’ve been taking it from those who preach Christianity and not saying anything for far too long. Now I get to say what’s been bugging me. This preacher read the original texts and he found out that that is just plain wrong! He found out that everyone is moving on! Basically, some guys got together and decided what to put in the bible and what to leave out and they twisted the message.
Well, you can imagine his congregation wasn’t too pleased to hear it and he was soon denounced as a heretic. But why?

Why are people so married to the idea that most of us are going to suffer eternal damnation? That is just not very nice. In fact, it’s egotistical and superior and highly offensive.  And I really resent it. I have some very, very dear friends who are Christian and it is bubbling up and annoying me now that I can’t share this with them. I am still going to sit there and nod and smile while they go on about their hypocritical beliefs; while they look me in the eye, knowing I am damned (in their eyes).

And not just Christians; any religion that is exclusionary. If you consider yourself a kind and loving human, why would you not realize that being kind and loving is all we need to do to live right? Just do the best you can and strive to do better!  Start with yourself, your family, your neighborhood, and then move to a greater circle. That’s all there is to spirituality. I know there are plenty of organized religions that feel the same way. I just have never found one that quite fits in with my views so I’ve given up the search for sharing my spirituality with others. And really, why is that necessary if the answers can be found within?

I just learned of a new religion that sounded interesting at first; they love and encourage interracial marriage. How cool is that?  But then they lost me. They do not accept gays. Well, they do, sort of. You can be one of them if you’re gay so long as you don’t act on the urge. Give me a freaking break. That’s just as bad as Catholic priests. Those poor men supposedly give up sex but for a man to give up sex, 99% of the time it’s got to be because he has some issues around it. At least Jewish rabbis and many other types of faith ministers are allowed to marry and have families. We are only human.

Now, before you go write up some nasty comment, consider this carefully. You read this far. There must be some reason you chose to read this if it went against what you thought you believed. Perhaps I have not convinced you of anything new. Perhaps you are enraged. That is not quite what I am hoping, but I can’t see any way around this upsetting some. I’d like you to take a few days to cool down and then see if you have anything constructive to say. Any comments that are even slightly upsetting will be deleted before I even finish reading them so don’t waste your time. I am far too sensitive to get into debates or allow myself to be exposed to anything that looks upsetting. I have tried to be as positive and constructive as I could so please do the same. And the same goes for those who agree; I see no reason to bash anyone because of their spiritual beliefs and I hope it doesn’t come across that I have done any bashing. So if you agree and want to say so, please be kind!