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Finally! Fat is melting quickly May 19, 2010

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A quick update on my fitness efforts. After nearly 2 years, I’d gone from around 175 to 164 and body fat was down from around 31% to around 26%. These results are nothing to write home about. I was working out HARD, at least 5 times a week, doing a combination of HIIT and weights. I firmly believe my workouts were solid. And my diet was constantly improving. But what I didn’t want to look at was calories.

In desperation, I started counting calories maybe a month ago and the results have been profound. The first week, weight went down about 1 pound. The 2nd week, 3 more pounds. The mirror also started to finally tell a happy story. I started a transformation contest about 2 weeks ago and took “before” pictures and this is the first time I’ve been comfortable in a bikini in about 10 years! Awesome!

So, to sum it up, I was eating too much and until I get a solid handle on how much I should be eating, I’ll be counting calories. I am on a restricted calorie count right now and will continue with that until my body fat is around 20%, then I’ll see what number of calories I need to eat to maintain that level, or decide from there if I would like to go lower still. I’d like, for the first time in my life, to have a six pack. That’s been the goal all along but I really didn’t believe it could come true until now. All the experts say I already have one, it’s just hiding under fat. Now I believe them. I’ve got a 2 pack. Body fat was around 25% as of 2 weeks ago. I’ll test again in a few weeks.

Everything is coming together for me finally! I am psyched!!!!


US Health Care August 17, 2009

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Everyone is hanging on the edge of their seat to see what’s gonna happen with universal health care. But why bother? Who cares? I know I’m out of step with most of my country (which doesn’t make me wrong) in not believing that people who poison their bodies should have their bill supplemented by yours truly.

I do not have a solution that would work. There is no way I can even dip a toe into politics because I am so far from the thinking of everyone around me. I just can not understand the irresponsible thinking that goes something like this: I can eat whatever I chose, lie around and get no exercise, use poisons all around me, heck, even smoke, and then I’m entitled to drugs and surgery when my body stops working.

What is up with that?

Perhaps, some day, people will see being significantly overweight as a preexisting condition. Or having new carpeting made of manmade fibers. Or using deet.

Perhaps what we can cover for people who go astray is educational counseling until they get onto a more healthy track.

But it’s all so subjective. There is no solution. The raw foodies *know* that cooked food is poison. They are not going to convince many, even if they are correct that cooking food is madness.

What a mess we’re in!


Chickens are easy! May 4, 2009

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Just wanted to pop in with a quick update on our chickens. I was nervous about getting them but I am so glad we just went blindly forward. We put a light on ’em when they were little. We stuck ’em in a rabbit coop which we made more secure. We feed ’em organic food, but mostly they free range and put themselves to bed at night. Can’t wait for the eggs to start coming! That’s a brief update. More detail at some point about the girls!


Why are there not more alternative homeschoolers? March 9, 2009

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I am always stunned when I see people show up to homeschool events with McDonald’s and Wendy’s bags. If they had enough of an open mind to delve into homeschooling, how come they don’t continue their journey and start making healthful lunches? It’s a mystery to me! And the odors of that crap are so strong, they may as well be showing up with cigarettes (not that I haven’t seen that). I actually find it just plain rude to show up and eat that stuff in front of other people because of the strong odors.


Hey! Quit trying to hack my account! December 5, 2008

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Someone is trying to reset the password to my Word Press account. Get outa there. That is so not cool. Go make your own account. It’s free. What is going on? Please comment and tell me what your deal is!