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Cancer is cureable; it’s a fungus December 19, 2008

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According to this article, cancer is a fungus. There is a video with some Italian doctor who made this mental leap. He said when he was in medical school, he was taught that cancer was a mystery and he immediately started questioning them. He says that when you poke around inside and look, you’ll see it’s white. Apparently that’s about it; just the fact that it’s white (well, maybe you have to rinse off some blood to see that it’s white) means it is a fungus.

Anyway, he says he’s curing it with bicarbonate of soda. How cool is that?

Clearly, chemotherapy is poison. According to articles on Dr. Mercola’s website, chemo is more damaging than cancer. And also, much cancer is apparently curing itself before detection!

We’ve got a lot to learn! Thank goodness there are some with open and probing minds on the case.