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It’s time May 15, 2008

Filed under: birth,health,HSP/HSC,organic food,social interaction,unplugging,unschooling — Thinking Woman @ 3:03 pm

It is time to start sharing my raw truths with the world. I don’t take things lightly. It is not my nature. I am a Highly Sensitive Person and take time to reflect upon things. I have gradually, quietly, become quite radical over my lifetime, and expect to become more-so as time allows. Some of my interests are

  • natural birth and all the empowerment that goes with it
  • unschooling
  • spending time in nature
  • Highly Sensitive People and Highly Sensitive Children
  • unplugging from the grid to some degree but not to the point of obsessiveness
  • connecting deeply with people
  • improving life on a local level through small, simple acts
  • simplifying
  • helping future generations get more in touch with the best parts of being human
  • natural parenting
  • organic food
  • raw veganism
  • intentional living
  • reevaluating health care
  • politics
  • jealousy, vanity, friendships, trust, self-confidence

Perhaps I will get to write on all of these topics. That is the goal!