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Guilt about kitchen toys November 20, 2008

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I have a lot of kitchen toys. And yet, I still want more.

When there is a new must-have, I see all sorts of ways it will help me keep my family fed with healthy foods. When I decided to take a go at going raw, I used some of a tax return to buy a dehydrator, a juicer, and a blender that could grind flax seeds.

Well, the dehydrator proved frustrating and was only used a handful of times. The juicer saw a lot of use for a while and has had a few resurrections, the blender gets quite a bit of use, and the other stuff such as the must-have mandolin never did get used. That one in particular baffled me so I stick to a knife.

During that craze, my mom bought me a brand new food processor because my old one had gone kaput. Another toy that has only been used a few times.

And what did I go and do? I just bought a hand-held blender because, well you know, it’s going to revolutionize the way I work in the kitchen. I’ll be able to make smoothies in their own cup and not have to wash the blender! I’ll be able to make soup right in the pot and so I can disguise vegetables and sneak them into my girls. Really, it’s a must have!

I also bought an air-popper because my glass top stove doesn’t seem to work for making popcorn. I am about to get a hand crank wheat grinder so I can make my own flour. That will be cheaper, right? Yeah. If I actually use it. Well, I have lurking in the cabinets somewhere a hand crank pasta maker which is lots of fun to use so I can see making my own pasta. There used to be a ice cream maker but it kept leaking salt so I tossed it. I miss it. I know there are a few more biggies hiding away. Oh yeah, a bread machine which I mainly used for making pizza dough; I put all the ingredients in at the same time and press the program it for dough and a few hours later it beeps. Can’t beat that. Oh! Yet another thing to do with my freshly ground flour!

So I don’t need to feel guilty, right? Even though the juicer hasn’t been up on the counter for a few months? Even though I am just now using the dehydrator for the first time in perhaps 4 years? I must unearth that mandolin and figure out what it’s for once and for all! And see what else lurks in the backs of kitchen draws and cabinets!