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Kombucha megadose December 19, 2008

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My last batch of Kombucha came out much stronger than I’d been making it and I thought it was too strong to drink. And the one after that didn’t even work; there was no baby culture on the top. I got super discouraged as it’s so difficult to get a new culture so I stopped thinking about it.

And what happened? Everyone here got sick. The news is it’s the first time I was the last one to get sick! It took an extra 2 weeks before it finally brought me down! I bet it’s because I stopped drinking kombucha.

I  had a taste today and discovered I can chug down a small glass of the kombucha! It’s a bit vinegary but not all that horrible after all! I have been having a small glass since waking and I’m getting used to it!

I bet my sickness and  my attitude improve by tomorrow! I’m feeling some hope now! And I’ve got some music that’s very special to me playing in the background. That should help with the attitude issues I’ve been having; I haven’t even been able to start better using the Law of Attraction because I need to be feeling good before asking so there isn’t any point asking!


Kombucha again November 20, 2008

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I am stunned. Today my older daughter bounced up and down and shouted “Yea!” when I told her, “Sure, I’ll get you some Kombucha.”  You’d have thought I was surprising her with a big old bowl of ice cream! And yesterday the floaters (bottom of the batch) grossed her out but today she was able to ignore them! And she got her little sister to have some too, just by being so excited, I guess. I turned around and mine was gone! So unexpected!


The girls like Kombucha! November 18, 2008

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I am really stunned! I did not see this coming! My very first batch of Kombucha, both girls asked to taste it. I didn’t really even have enough to share and I really wanted it all for myself. Yeah, I know, that’s totally selfish, but I was thinking I could ramp up to making enough and besides, there was no way they’d like it anyway!

Well boy was I wrong! They both liked it! In fact, my older daughter drinks down the 2 oz I allow her and asks for more! Obviously, we ran out of the first batch before the next batch was ready. Every day, she asked for more! That is so funny; when I bought the little bottles in the store, I had to beg her to just take a sip now and then!

I am going to have to figure out often and when to start up my next batch so I can keep on top of the supply/demand issue! Good problems to have!


Kombucha again November 6, 2008

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I used to brew (ferment?) Kombucha almost 15 years ago. I was new to the Internet and got super into two cool things – lucid dreaming and Kombucha. I wonder where those two lists wound up? I could not find my old Kombucha list. Well, I thought I did, but at first the site was down for maintenance for a few days, and then, when it came back, my signup attempts all failed; I never got the email to let me in. So I gave up and ordered a culture from <>. It made me a bit nervous as there is no contact information, but it was fine. The culture they sent came with a note and their phone number. So if like me, you can’t find one locally, go ahead and order from them with confidence.

I have been buying those foolish $4 bottles at the health food store and my body was craving more Kombucha, so I knew I had to find a more cost effective way to get back into it.

I know this is going to sound strange, but I always feel like it’s doing something really wonderful for me because of it making these old wounds or scars come back to life. I have had some strange lumps here and there since my teens and even younger. I think they started from regular old boo boos, but for whatever reason, healed over as bumps. Whenever I drink Kombucha, they come to life. They bleed and puss and scab but then they shrink. It’s like something got stuck in there and the Kombucha is helping my body to detox.

I am very healthy, so I can’t be the most convincing of testimonials when I try a new product. Nothing else I’ve ever tried has had this effect on these old scars.

Let’s see if I also find myself with more energy, getting more done, and sleeping proper hours (to bed by 10 and up by 7). Then I’ll really be impressed!

My older daughter is asking for Kombucha! I am stuneed! I didn’t even offer it, she just helped herself to some of mine and now she wants it all the time so I have two batches brewing up. I’ll need a few more jars! I now have 4 gallon pickle jars but that’s not going to be enough. It’s so much easier to brew it up in these jars. I used to use big open top containers like bowls or glass baking pans. The jars take up so much less counter space. I still haven’t figured out how to pour the tea in. I am not using bags so I need to strain it. It’s a pretty sloppy process the way I am doing it but I’ll figure something out. I guess a cloth bag for the tea would help!