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Law of Attraction – My Goals – A Work in Progress December 20, 2008

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Change log:
December 21, 2008. Quantified some goals. Will move goals to present tense but not yet! Am not yet at “believe” because have more work to do on “feel” and images (see next point) will help with that.
December 20, 2008. Broke goals out into own post. Added a visual image next to a monetary goal. Intend to add more images throughout.

Goals (a work in progress):

  • to be very fit and healthy. For me, I would like to reach a new standard. Things I have achieved in the past include low body fat and great muscle definition. I would like to have under 20% body fat. In addition, I’d like strong flat abs for the first time ever! Solid core strength all around is the goal. This will lead to my whole body working better together as designed. My alignment will be perfect. <scan and insert image here of old photo>. If any illness caught, will resolve itself within 2-3 days.
  • my immediate family to be very fit and healthy. My husband has decided to start the Body for Life Challenge in January! How wonderful he’s decided on his own. Ahem. My girls need to be proficient at more skills: cartwheels, “walking bars” using hands while hanging – not sure what that’s called, more gymnastics skills such as flipping over a bar, running faster, better coordination and confidence in physical skills, ability to bike up any hill in town without stopping. If any illness caught, will resolve itself within 2-3 days.
  • all of us to be happier. Laugh 20 times a day. Smile 100 times a day. (Okay, I’m clueless what’s realistic or an appropriate goal here!) A feeling of lightness. The ability to savor the moment and doing so a few times a day.
  • all of us to spend at least 50% of our time out of doors. Great passtimes are reading, gardening & yard work, playing on play set, using pool (in season), walking, biking, playing at the park, visiting friends.
  • to have at least 50% of what we eat come from my garden.
  • my business revenue to consistently increase.
  • my paperwork issues to resolve within 2 months.
  • to remain caught up on paperwork.
  • to work around 2-4 hours per week.
  • to continue to have trusted, reliable employees who do the bulk of the work.
  • to continue to have employees who love working for me and feel blessed by the opportunity to work flexible hours from home.
  • a best friend for my older daughter who is worthy of her. A friend who is nice, relaxing, gentle, available, and close. Someone with similar values like kindness, openness, honest, peace, understanding.
  • to keep and improve the friendship with my new friend. To trust that she is true. To make the effort to reciprocate.
  • another close and trusted friend to appear in my life within a few months.
  • to take an extended (2-3 weeks minium) family vacation to Europe within 2 years. Or the UK. Or both.
  • inner calmness and patience.
  • to bring my sanctuary to reality; to find it, own it, and visit it for real at least once or twice a year.
  • confidence that I am doing an amazing job in all aspects of my life.
  • increased net worth (need to quantify!!!!)money-flowing

Bad Law of Attraction usage December 17, 2008

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I wish I could say something to my dear friend. But I can’t. She was pregnant but very fear based. She sent email with the subject indicating a fear that she’d lost her pregnancy. She had tested and it came up negative but that had also happened with one of her other children. It was freaking her out so she insisted upon getting an ultrasound to verify that the pregnancy even though she still had all the symptoms. Her logic was that she needed to know, to move on.

I get that, but why did she do a pregnancy test in the first place if she thought she was pregnant? And why put the subject of the email so negatively?

With my second pregnancy, I didn’t test at all. I was so excited the first time around to have that rite of passage but I already knew I was pregnant as I’d missed my period by the time I tested. I can’t see the point of routinely testing for pregnancy. It is just a costly waste of resources for a society that can’t wait just a little bit to find out for sure. Is it that difficult to wait? It felt really wonderful to me to not test.

I know others don’t agree, but I feel certain that if this mom had had more faith and had trusted and believed, she would still be pregnant.


Law of Attraction December 12, 2008

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I haven’t been happy recently; I’ve fallen into some habits of bad thinking. Certainly, life got a whole lot more complicated when I became a mom. However, I have what I always wished for and what I still want. I suspect I’ve dead-ended because my thinking and planning didn’t get past where I am now. I’ve been so busy with being and having what I always wanted and created for myself that I haven’t created sufficient time to create my future. Ah. Good thing I just wrote that down so now I know.

I’ve just started listening to The Secret audio on my iPod. We watched the DVD when it came out and, while we wanted it to change our lives, we have not fully managed to get there. I am thinking that because the video is so slick, I get distracted and am not picking up on as much information as it offers. I just went over a few things with my visual husband and he rattled off the next bits, so clearly, the DVD is just right for his learning style, but for an auditory/kinesthetic person like me, listening and writing is much more the way to go.

I must figure out what I want! And also, I must create it by creating my emotions. That’s how far I’ve gotten. I totally missed this when I watched the DVD. It’s super simple to create a happy emotion; I’ve only been practicing since last night and already I’ve smiled more in 12 hours than I did the whole previous week. I look at my children and see how beautiful their faces are. I get them to make silly faces and that totally cracks me up. I bother my beautiful favorite cat. (He loves it.) I need to also use music and nature and exercise. Once I am feeling better, I can then create the image of what I want and in that way, it is drawn to me. I never got this before! I can totally feel a shift already.

So here I go!

I want (a work in progress):

My Goals – moved

There. Not bad for a first take! I’ll be working on that happiness thing and now I have specific things to think about when I’m feeling good. It might be time to start adding some photos!