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My little girl is growing up! November 18, 2008

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Bras and deodorant, oh my!

My little girl is nine years old. And she asked for her first bra. I matter-of-factly told her that I’d get her one. She had questions that were difficult to answer with a straight face; she was wondering if it would have huge saggy fabric in front. I showed her a training bra and off we went last night after a day of nagging. I did lead her towards a tank top with a shelf bra, but I also had her try on an actual bra because I was curious if it would fit. It did; they do start out pretty small.

I remember being eager to do all that womanly stuff: wear a bra, menstruate, shave my armpits, and so on. But nine? Really? I do know things are speeding up, mainly due to the SAD, but my family doesn’t eat that way. We definitely don’t have all the hormones from beef and dairy nor soy.

Well anyway, I was torn, as I am sure most mothers are. And then, in the changing room, it hit me. Bras are not so good for you; they are not something to start earlier! So in the middle of Limited Too, my poor girl got a lecture on bras and their link to breast cancer.

Yes, we still walked out with a pink top with a shelf bra. I am not sure how we’ll figure this one out. I still wear a bra, but a heck of a lot less than I used to (one of the many benefits of not being in the work force).  On days I don’t go out or see anyone, I don’t wear one at all.

The other day, she asked me if she could start using deodorant. Well, seeing as I am mixing alcohol and essential oil, I can’t see the harm in it. I don’t really think she has body odor yet, but I remember that pull to do adult things so I guess it’s cool. That reminds me. I was going to buy some witch hazel and see how it went with that.


Deodorant / Anti-persperant September 2, 2008

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I have used many products on my armpits in my lifetime. Way back when, I fell for advertisements from Secret and bought into needing something “made for a woman”. That appealed to my girlie side.

At some point in my 20s, it just struck me as wrong. I certainly didn’t want to stink, but nor did I want to continue using weird pore blocking products. I came to understand that it was not without purpose that we sweat, so perhaps I could get used to sweating. I will never get used to being stinky, but sweating, within reason, does seem something we are meant to do and it must serve a purpose or two. Perhaps a bit of natural air conditioning and also some detoxing. Both sound pretty useful so who am I to question what my body knows how to do?

Yeah, okay, I’m not a very stinky person except when pregnant and for a while afterward. For some reason, it’s been tricky for me to keep up with odor at those times with my natural methods. If I had had more energy, I am sure I could have found a natural solution that worked even then.

But for now, I am enjoying using my cheapie mix of rubbing alcohol and essential oil which I mix up in a used Weleda glass deodorant spray bottle. I intend to check into some other options like witch hazel when I get around to it, but for now, this works quite well for both me and my husband.

I usually spray right after I shower, even if it’s at night. I might give a quick spray here and there before going out. Or not.

When I first rebelled against mainstream products, I actually went a cool route which led to using nothing at all and having no detectable odor. I used some product that was thick, white, and perhaps a bit sticky. I smeared it on at night and had to work rather hard to scrub it off in my morning shower. This I did for maybe a week. And then I didn’t need to use any product at all; I had no odor! I’ve never found exactly the same product since. I wish I knew what it was called.

As to people who think they need to use products anywhere else on their body – that seems pretty strange; perhaps a bit better personal hygiene but definitely no products. I am concerned about plain old soap, preferring water for most washing up and keeping the use of soap to a bare minimum. Ideally, I’d make my own non-detergent soap. Next best would be to buy some. One option is time-consuming, the other is expensive. So so far I have cheaped out and gone with the minimalist approach.

Maybe next time I’ll tell you about my household cleaning products. If you’re expecting much more than water, essential oils and elbow grease, don’t hold your breath!