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We are meant to eat raw food May 19, 2008

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I don’t know why this is such a radical notion. We are meant to eat our food as it comes: raw. We are not meant to cook it. In fact, cooking it is pretty strange and it is clearly one of the causes of all the nasty illnesses people and even pets suffer from nowadays.

Yet when I was first exposed to the idea of being a raw foodie, I thought this was just too out there for even me. Still, I was intrigued so I started to do some research.

I have now read a few books on the theory and own quite a few raw recipe books.

Are we raw foodies?


I did go totally raw for a period and I have never felt better. Also, it became very clear to me that cooked and processed food is totally disgusting. After eating raw for a while, the smallest bite of cooked food made me feel ill immediately.

So why are we not all eating totally raw now when I know this to be best?

Well, it’s not so easy with kids and spouses. The books are so judgmental. Just make the kids eat it. We live in the world. Unless we go join some tribe that lives this way, it is impossible and even abusive to attempt to force this lifestyle on children. Yes, I understand it’s for their own good and I wrestle with this all the time. In the end, the stress got to me and I gave up on the raw food.

Sure, if I had all the hours in the day,I could continue to be totally raw myself, but I simply do not have that kind of time at this point in my life. Perhaps someday, I will go back to being a raw foodie. For now, I am thrilled when some raw fruits and vegetables actually get eaten around here.