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Raw eggnog and crepes! Yum! November 25, 2008

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Both in preparation for Thanksgiving and also to learn how to make more traditional foods, I am trying out new recipes.

Everyone here loves eggnog, but we can’t find any raw unpasteurized eggnog so I gave it a whirl making it with raw milk and eggs. The recipe I followed was so simple, my older daughter could do it. We don’t have molasses on hand so I substituted maple syrup. I only made about a cup and we polished it right off. I will definitely be making a larger batch on Thursday.

I saw other recipes that called for rum, bourbon, and aging for at least 3 weeks. I like the recipe I used as it’s totally family friendly, but I wouldn’t mind trying an aged alcoholic version at some point. I don’t like to have a lot of alcohol and to be honest, hard liquor has starting having a strange effect on me (I don’t get any buzz but I do get angry so what is the point?) but I am also starting to wonder about brewing my own alcohol. I can’t learn everything at once and it costs money to get all the supplies, so for now, that is very low priority. A friend recently surprised my husband and me with some home made wines he’d brewed up. He said it was much easier to do than beer and could be done in super small batches, like around 6 small bottles at a time. That definitely seems worth looking into at some point.

So anyway, today my hand held blender came. I splurged on a red one with all the gadgets. I goofed and got one with a chopper but I bet that comes in handy. I did indeed buy from Amazon but not before checking around for a better price. It was only $88.77. Perhaps that was a special; it’s higher today. Oh no wait – the red (the one I wanted) is cheaper than the black. Well go figure. It is a thing of beauty and as yet untested because the eggnog was prepared using a fork! So simple! I’ll definitely use the blender for the bigger batch.

I also ordered a hand crank flour grinder. I still am utterly clueless where to find the whole flour. I don’t even know what it’s called. Flour cherries? Well, I’ll find out. I still have a few bags of flour on hand so I decided to give crepes a whirl. About all that is in the fridge is eggs and we had them for dinner last night and probably breakfast yesterday as well. But crepes with egg salad seemed a good way to get the girls to eat yet more eggs. (A side note is that I am trying to use up all the food I have and not shop while there is perfectly good food to be eaten. I probably saved $100 last week and have tossed very little! All due to being inspired by MyZeroWaste. Thank you, Mrs. Green!)

I found a very simple crepe recipe – the first in google – who has time to dig when starving? I look up recipes on my phone so I can have it right in the kitchen as I move around but it’s not the same as a big screen. I just bought an iron frying pan and it seemed a good time to try it as these seemed likely to stick. Once, a lifetime ago, I watched someone make crepes at a party and she told me the first one is always no good. Sure enough, my first one took too long and was a bit of a pain. They definitely got easier as time went on, much to my relief. By the end of the first batch, I was sold that I’ll be making crepes again.

Since it said to serve warm, I popped egg salad into each and served as they were ready. I had to eat standing up because everyone was lined up for seconds! (My pan is really small.) Nice! I can’t wait to try these with freshly ground flour. I can’t imagine why people still use non-stick frying pans. With a little care and the right pan, it is not impossible to cook food without it sticking or burning.

Hmmm. What to do with my new skill? I was thinking of apple crumble as one of the desserts, but now I am leaning towards putting some kind of baked apples into the crepes. Yum!