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Most survivalists are not very natural November 15, 2008

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When I look at planning lists that survivalists post, I am stunned at their thinking.

Assuming we were cut off from everything, we’d need to be totally self-reliant. Wouldn’t it be worth it to have some tools on hand so we could survive with just what we have? But not a ton of stuff? The whole “give a man a fish/teach a man to fish” thing, only we should be teaching ourselves how to survive with what we have.

Just accumulating things we have no experience using isn’t going to ensure our survival. Also, thinking the solution is in the stuff offers a false sense of security.

Most survivalists are so into all their processed junk. When I read the recipes on their websites, I am stunned at the unnatural ingredients, and even when they take from their own garden, I am stunned at how much they think needs doing to the food to whip it into shape before poisoning their family with it feed it to their family.

Seriously, what is wrong with simplicity? And nature? Early settlers came here with what they could carry and they found everything they needed in nature. Perhaps they had some tools and containers for water. I have no idea, really. I’m just saying that these people who are used to their Kellogg’s Pop Tarts are not really prepared to make it should the whole system fall away for whatever reason.


Holy crap! Now I’m a survivalist! October 22, 2008

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Okay, no, I’m not. But it’s been a super “out there” few months. My husband, my best friend, has been (obsessively?) researching some big doings. End of the world kind of stuff. Or global shift. Good. Evil. Aliens. Like I said, some really far out stuff.

At first, he was so depressed and negative that I could only beg him not to bring this stuff into my house. I was going through some deep stuff at the time so that is about all I had energy to do. In fact, I needed his support desperately and for the first time, he wasn’t there, but that’s a whole other story. I did come through my crisis, perhaps changed, but I am nearly whole again. Just goes to show how resilient I still am.

While I won’t put any mental energy into the negative scenarios he has been studying, I can’t deny that some preparation can be a positive thing.

For me, the focus is getting off the grid. I finally started researching the possibilities of this and it’s empowering! Energizing, even! I find myself jazzed and inspired about little things like getting a comfy bike and using it to do my grocery shopping. And about learning to do some canning so I can store some yummy food. Try as I might, I have not figured out how one would create a store of raw food so this goal of having a store of food seems to be completely at odds with eating raw food. If someone can explain to me how I’m wrong, I’m all ears! I need to increase what I can grow in my own garden. So far, I haven’t grown much of anything edible because my original plan was to leave the garden be for a year while anything toxic the previous owner may have used has time to settle down and dissipate. Come to realize I’ve got pressure treated wood bordering my garden that needs taking out right away! And no source for replacing it with something to keep the borders. Again, I’d love ideas on that.

My husband bought a 1-person 1 year supply of dehydrated canned food with about a ten year shelf life. That would hold us all for about 4 months. I’ve been putting things away; each time I shop, I buy extra things like olive oil, honey, peanut butter, anything really, so long as it will keep. I made up a document with all the areas of life and how we’d keep ourselves alive and entertained if we found ourselves cut off from the grid. It’s a daunting project. In researching it, I had to skim over a whole lot of negativity while trying to dig out the morsels of wisdom. There are some pretty strange ideas out there on what one would use for toilet paper. The very simplest solution is a portable bidet! So long as you have solar power, if it requires a pump, you can keep the batteries recharged. It sure beats pulling pages out of phone books like some survivalists suggest! Or only using your left hand for wiping, which, I’m sorry, EW! What about all the times I need two hands to lift something?

Getting back to canning, it’s hard to believe that this died out. Well, okay, it’s not hard. Given the choice between a four hour project and zipping to the supermarket, I can see why most people would choose the latter. But it’s definitely making a comeback. It’s funny how when you hear of something, suddenly it’s everywhere!

It’s the same with chickens. I’ve been wondering about getting some and suddenly a friend has them and then others are talking about them, and on and on. I think I’d like the mayonnaise more than eggs some days!

Well that’s what’s new and exciting and where I’ve been hiding! Off researching like mad!